Brunch at Ella's

Ella's Devils - House deviled eggs: bacon / caviar / duck crackling.

Crab Benedict - Spinach, black truffle béarnaise, house English muffin.

Duck Sausage & Biscuits - House made duck sausage with red eye duck fat gravy, fresh biscuits, fried eggs.

Spring Vegetable-Forest Mushrooms & Eggs - Duck confit on wild mushrooms, beets, potatoes, turnips & poached eggs.

Brunch Flatbread - Grilled flatbread, arugula salad, Daniele Prosciutto, aged parmesan, fried eggs.

Black Truffle Scramble - Soft scramble eggs, brioche toast, black truffle.

Avocado Toast - Poached eggs, heirloom tomatoes, herb salad, lemon essence, fresh lime juice, sea salt.

Petite Frite - Fried eggs, grilled New York, duck fat truffle fries.

Braised Bacon BLT - Slow braised Applewood smoked bacon, greens, tomato, fried eggs, frites.

Pancakes - Choice of wild blueberry, bacon or chocolate chip, maple syrup.

Breakfast burger - Fried egg, braised applewood smoked bacon, duck fat fried frites.


Duck Fat Fried Truffle Fries, 6
Duck Fat Fried Frites, 4
Rose's Basket of Brunch Breads, 8
Applewood Smoked Bacon, 4
Beignets Basket, 8
Asparagus with Brown Butter, 5



Sunday Sangria - Red-White-Rose', Fresh Citrus, Fresh Juice, Fresh Booze, 8

House Bellini - French Sparkling Wine, Apricot Nectar, 9

Bully Boy Vodka Bloody - Ella's House Bloody Mix, 9

Gin And Juice - Bully Boy Gin, Freshly Squeezed Oj, Pineapple, Campari, 10

Ella's Medicine - Makers Mark Bourbon, Fresh Grapefruit Juice, Buddha Spice, Splash Soda, 10

Corpse Reviver - Bombay Gin, Lillet Blanc, Cointreau, Lemon Juice, Absinthe Rinse, 12

Frothy Swine - Espresso Vodka, Shot Espresso, Kahlua, Served Up, 12


Herbin Cooler- Fresh Herbs, Green Tea, Cucumber, 6

Beet Nectar - Beet-Apple-Ginger Juices, 6

Pink Lemonade, 5

Fresh Organic Cherry Cola, 5


We are proud to serve Dave's Ultra Premium Espresso & Coffees.
Enjoy a rich local roasted coffee with your brunch.

Espresso - Single Shot Blind Pig Espresso.

Cappuccino - Double shot of Blind Pig Espresso with Frothed Milk.

Caffe mocha - Blind Pig Espresso Blended WITH Rich Dark Chocolate, Steamed Milk, Fresh Cream.

Caffe latte - Double Shot Blind Pig Espresso Mixed with Hot Milk & Dusted with Cocoa.

Caffe macchiato caldo - Blind Pig Espresso with a Dollop of Warm Frothed Milk.

Cappuccino viennese - Blind Pig Espresso Blended with Frothy Milk, Topped with Cream & Cocoa.


Jeanie Roland,
Chef – owner

Ella’s is committed to sourcing and serving you the freshest product available on the market. Our produce, dairy and seafood are sourced locally and our meat is certified all natural & organic, to ensure the very best for our diners. We are happy that you have chosen to dine with us here at Ella’s, please enjoy!

18% gratuity added to parties of 6 or more
$5 split charge on all entrees
-State Mandated Consumer Advisory-
***There is an increased risk associated with eating undercooked or raw proteins and may increase the consumers risk of foodborne illness.

In addition, please advise our staff of all food allergies.

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