Brunch at Ella's

beignets - Powdered sugar, chocolate sauce, whipped cream

avocado toast - Toasted honey-whole wheat bread, fresh sliced avocado & mash avocado,
cheddar scrambled eggs & microgreens

shrimp & grits - Cheddar cheese grits, jumbo prawns, roasted red peppers, bacon,
 poached eggs & brown butter

steak n eggs - 5 oz. filet, pomme frites, two fried eggs, truffle butter

burger benedict - Domestic Wagyu burger, poached eggs, seasonal Béarnaise crispy potato cake

smoked salmon benedict - Poached eggs, seasonal Béarnaise crispy potato cake

chicken flautas - slow cooked pulled chicken, cheddar and jack cheese wrapped in a flour
tortilla and fried, with iceberg lettuce, crème fraiche, & chili de arbol salsa

chicken sandwich - grilled chicken breast, Brie cheese, fresh baked ciabatta bread, served with a salad of baby greens

crunchy chicken sandwich - fried chicken sandwich on house made roll, chili aioli

breakfast burger - fried egg, applewood smoked bacon, duck fat fried frites

omelette of the day - server will advise

WEEKEND WATER________________________________

house bellini - French sparkling wine, apricot nectar
bully boy vodka bloody - Ella's house bloody mix
classic mimosa - sparkling brut & orange juice
gin and juice - Bully Boy gin, freshly squeezed OJ, pineapple, Campari
Ella's medicine - Maker's Mark bourbon, fresh grapefruit juice, Buddha spice, splash soda
frothy swine -  espresso vodka, shot espresso, Kahlua, served up
bergamot & bubbly - brut, Italicus bergamot liquor, simple syrup, bitters


We are proud to serve Dave's Ultra Premium Espresso & Coffees. Enjoy a rich local roasted coffee with your brunch.

Espresso - Single Shot Blind Pig Espresso

Cappuccino - Double shot of Blind Pig espresso with frothed milk

Caffe mocha - Blind Pig espresso blended with rich dark chocolate, steamed milk, fresh cream

Caffe latte - Double shot Blind Pig espresso mixed with hot milk, dusted with cocoa

Caffe macchiato caldo - Blind Pig espresso with a dollop of warm frothed milk

Cappuccino viennese - Blind Pig espresso blended with frothy milk, topped with cream & cocoa


Jeanie Roland,
Chef – owner

Ella’s is committed to sourcing and serving you the freshest product available on the market. Our produce, dairy and seafood are sourced locally and our meat is certified all natural & organic, to ensure the very best for our diners. We are happy that you have chosen to dine with us here at Ella’s, please enjoy!

18% gratuity added to parties of 6 or more
$5 split charge on all entrees
-State Mandated Consumer Advisory-
***There is an increased risk associated with eating undercooked or raw proteins and may increase the consumers risk of foodborne illness.

In addition, please advise our staff of all food allergies.

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